What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data which is stored on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. They send information from your browser to the web server about how you use the website. They enable us to provide a faster, more efficient and more relevant service to our customers. They are anonymous - we do not link the information we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site.

There are different types of cookies which we use in different ways and these are outlined below.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies

Session cookies only last for the time you are on the site and are deleted when you close your internet browser. Session cookies are essential to the use of our site as it is not possible to complete key processes on our website, such as buying or booking a balloon flight, without them.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain on your computer across visits to the website for a re-defined period of time unless they are deleted. This means the site can remember your preferences and making it quicker and easier to use when you return.

Third Party Cookies.

In some places on our website uses content from other web sites such as You Tube, Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ which allow you to view and share things you like more easily. These cookies enable these third party web sites to improve their service. Their specific cookie usage policies can be viewed on their websites.

Most browsers allow the cookie function to be turned off. If you want to know how to do this look at the help menu on your browser or see